The Atmosphere Of Fear: Joan Kagezi

It was a little over 10 am in the Morning of Tuesday when I got to the crime scene. Pellets of rain poured down into an isolated Ford double-cabin pickup  whose environs had by now sealed been off with yellow police tape. Detectives, both in uniform and plain cloth walked from the car into the … Continue reading The Atmosphere Of Fear: Joan Kagezi

From The Harrowing Of Tales

I have come across some harrowing tales in my journalism career. In 2012, I discovered the sad tale of how the ‘Wembley squad’ had been interrogating suspects. They would keep them in a room somewhere in the hills of Kololo, completely naked and put a non-poisoning python to scare them to talk about their involvement … Continue reading From The Harrowing Of Tales

From Acellam Down To Ongwen, LRA Withers On War Strategy

He was looking outside the open window; he stared hard at the afternoon skies as they spit rays down his blue hospital pyjamas and red sandals. Like him, many other rebel warlords had spent their later years after the war reminiscing in tales of the bush wars. Often isolated in the Acholi quarters, many of … Continue reading From Acellam Down To Ongwen, LRA Withers On War Strategy

15 Quick Facts On Sejusa Or If You Like, Tinyefuza

He is not under arrest – not just as yet atleast. Sources in his home and even his lawyers say he is still in his house after meeting with former Army commander General Elly Tumwine. He can be arrested by any other ranking officer – even a private – if the charges against him include … Continue reading 15 Quick Facts On Sejusa Or If You Like, Tinyefuza

Uganda; The Den For Israeli Refugees

A three month investigation shows how - covertly - Uganda has been receiving Israeli refugees and taking arms in return to keeping them here or transiting them to their home country. Despite numerous government denials, tickets, photos and videos of Israeli refugees expose the grim nature in which the deportations are carried out and accepted … Continue reading Uganda; The Den For Israeli Refugees

Before I Cast That Ballot,…

The first time I ever got into an election was in Primary School. My friend, Ghalib Thabit – Ugandan of Asian descent - was running for Health Prefect and he needed, badly, to win the election. Ghalib, was not the least connected candidate, he knew how to get sweets to all the children in the … Continue reading Before I Cast That Ballot,…

Journalistic Gossip, Oh How Sweet

Every time me and my journalist friends meet, we like to gossip about the state. So we talk and debate and even argue on state secrets, each of us throwing in the might of their sources. We have, in the recent times, gossiped about whether the President actually authored the letter firing the now Secretary … Continue reading Journalistic Gossip, Oh How Sweet