banana republic launches corruption club

The banana republic has today launched the corruption club on gov't street, taxpayers avenue with the hottest D.j's expected to be spinning the  discs this financial year. Some of the most prominent D.j's who were at the launch included D.j 7ni who is the proprietor of the club together with D.j Kutesa who will be … Continue reading banana republic launches corruption club

serving banana republic with my unpleasantries

it's quite unpleasant in aspect and all due cordial to have to do a story in a primary school but ever since i took on my most beloved profession it's just one of those things you cannot avoid for a plain brained Monday. However, adventurous in my mind only, i decided to make the idea … Continue reading serving banana republic with my unpleasantries

The Truth Mast

it is only in my country where the president holds more power than anyone else, he appoints the executive, commands the army, appoints the electoral commission and even appoints the judiciary. We are the world’s tourist destination number one and trust you me, we deserve that slot. have you ever seen presidential ballot papers in a mayoral race? then come to Uganda. In this country, election results are a myth, they doctor them for public viewing. We have alot of slots in our cabinet but most notably is minister without portfolio. He earns salary close to 5000 dollars per month with allowances like health, cars, fuel, food and housing.

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delusional ugandan teen mind

 It's a heck-log of time unmeasurable no matter the aspect, we have believed, accepted, implemented, assessed and gradually praised each of our problems as a nation. To me, that defines how unreal unity can get, what co-operation we claim to have. It may never have been such a bother but that notwithstanding something big grew … Continue reading delusional ugandan teen mind