We Become Who We Are – Pearl Gahwera

I don’t normally respond well to challenges – atleast not as the conformists do. I like to take the cringe, pick up my swords, lock the shields on my chest and put up a gladiator of fights. So when Pearl challenged a Sunday tweet of mine, I was sure, hell had broken loose – or was about to.

For the benefit of us all, the tweet was that;

The snippet you see up there is extracted from The Blacklist – a popular American series. It is -in the series – said by Raymond Reddington as a response to a question from Donald Russler on why Raymond had betrayed his country and finally returned to help the federal agency.

What Raymond – coincidentally my namesake- was dealing with was a question of identity and character. ‘We become who we are’ presumes that we are already something that through actions and events we constantly show!

Who you are is not your job description or qualification, as Pearl wants to suggest in her blog!

Identity is derived from two aspects; social memberships that are drawn up by characteristic attributes like you have seen or heard of lightskins and darksins and the things we take pride in!

I will dwell more on the things we take pride in.

In the 2012 X-factor, a young lad – supermarket worker- told judges he had never auditioned for anything before, he stepped onto the massive stage, with his little timid self, neck-tied by his white collar shirt and hugged by a grey suit. He barely could speak when asked too, neither did he dwell on speeches that much. From what I recall – and you can watch that here  he put up a solid world class performance. Infact, Nicole Scherzinger opted to take him for the night and ‘eat him up’ because of his talent.

So was Jahmene a supermarket worker? Or a talented singer?

Did he become a singer overnight? Obviously not! So when I advance the argument that we become who we are, I am aware of the millions of people who think they are their jobs unluckily, they are not because when the job is gone and you are moving on, – It’s you! That, there, is you!

Identity is very personal, some people – as I earlier said – derive it from the way they like to be called or viewed by the rest of the world. Again drawing from inundations that the recent world has set for us, I will recommend that  you watch ‘A Pimp Named Slickback’ , a popular character in the american parody and hilarious sitcom. The man, was particular about who he should be called and never at any one time settled to be called anything less than ‘A pimp named slickback’ .

There are a thousand and one studies out there on identity but I figured those would bore you so I used the little life inundations that we see and live with everyday.

So I will re-affirm that ‘We become who we are’.


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