Dear Ruth Sebatindira,

When we first met at a lunchtime meeting a few weeks ago, I was impressed by the fact that you had no airs…

In fact, when I told you that I didn’t have a card on me, I remember you gave me your phone so I could enter my digits and other particulars.

I had an ominous dream last night and wanted to tell you this:

It is an indictment on all of us in the legal fraternity that we are quiet, largely undisturbed, purportedly going about our lives while our country’s most fundamental document is being desecrated by three lawyers, namely Benjamin Odoki, Jacob Oulanyah and Peter Nyombi in partnership with a guerilla-cum-President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni!

Unless we break our loud silence, we are inescapably liable for whatever outcome (including but not limited to civil strife, economic stagnation, regression as well as an all-out civil war) that is likely to proceed from this fast-deteriorating situation.

By remaining silent, and at best, lacklustre in our responses to this egregious molestation of the Constitution, we have offered tacit support to the actions of the four men mentioned in the foregoing.

The decision to move, or cause to be moved, the entire legal fraternity including advocates, the academia, international actors and the few sane Ugandans left in the Judiciary, among others, rests with you, as President.

I strongly contend that beyond our well pressed shirts, leather portfolios, eloquence, Swiss-made chronometers, dark and fitting suits, we’ve got a moral, social and legal obligation as learned professionals towards our country…and there’s no time that requires an unequivocal, bold and resolute action from us such as this!

We’ve got to speak now and do sum’n or forever hold our peace.

Written By

Karamagi Andrew

Lawyer/ Activist

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