second piece of letter to me for the decisions on law school….should be a learning point that the course isn’t an end in itself

Every experience is writing material


Dear Qatahar;

How is the going? Sorry my follow-up to the previous letter has come a couple of months late, a lot has been going on in my life lately that involves moving from a despicably low paying job to an appallingly exploitative one. Apparently it’s a common trend that you’ll notice in this field if and when you get lucky to join in. Otherwise, how has the first semester of law school been like? Have any of the things I alluded to you come to pass? The thrill of being part of crème de la crème at the university, brandishing reading lists with this look-all-the-cases-I-have-to-read prate that tends to be misdirected to people who honestly don’t care.  I guess you’ve already pepped up your vocabulary with these all important Latin phrases of “actus reus” and “in flagrante delicto”. Don’t you even wonder how you used to express yourself before…

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