All manner of reports have been flowing in from the congo about the good, bad and ugly of the M23 rebels whose validity is still in question as some are premised on categorical interests by ‘powers’.

The UN in an effort to justify their existence which is threatened by the ever-growing criticism on sabotage of African countries by thousands of people will for a second time in a space of 52 years fail to learn lessons about the Congo.

The irresistible urge to restore a westphalian rule on Africa’s most resource gifted nation is more clear, envisaged in the UN continued hits on rebels whose ties with the community are supportive and for commond good of re-building a nation thrown into skirmishes by UN,Belgium, Uganda and Rwanda.

Resolution 161, 21 February 1961, of the UN then under Dag Hammarskjöld, authorized the use of force to eliminate the possibilities of a civil war after Katanga declared secession from the Congo by Moise Tshombe particularly for personal reasons as it was never recommended and endorsed by the populace.

However, why then did a UN that failed to offer Patrice Lumumba military assistance to fight off Moise Tshombe backed by the belgians, then later intervene mainly to undermine Lumumba’s position as the elected prime minister of the Congo? Could it be because the soviet union, read the move earlier and offered him military aid? could it be another protracted fight for relevance as ‘superpowers’ between russia and the united states, that calls the shots in the security council? Is it that the United states envisages solving it’s economic breakdown and fall in economic powers from Congo? furtherstill did the UN try and provide a report in why Lumumba A THEN PRIME MINISTER WAS BEHEADED BY REBELS AT IT’S WATCH? Are the Congo people  being factored in, in the current intervention?

All these are questions a single sided international arm cannot answer to the congo populace for the suffering they are going through.

A close watch of this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLV9szEu9Ag will further suggest that the Congo people are tired of imposed regimes on them and international struggles to regain their economies using Congo’s resources which not only leads to humanitarian crises but leaves the country backward in such fast developing economic times.

In a last effort for the congo people to piece their own puzzle, M23 a majorly defected army and civilian backed and accepted is being shoved the negative side by the UN(SECURITY COUNCIL), AGAIN TO JUSTIFY THEIR REASON TO PLUNDER RESOURCES FOR DEAD ECONOMIES!

We are not the economists, to solve the euro-zone crisis buddies, if you threw yourselves in an economic ditch pick yourselves up, toil a little more and garner enough to re-birth your economies.

The Congo is inadvertently affecting my country, Uganda that has for long been embroiled in land wrangles by creating an estimated 20,000 refugee population in a disaster struck country trying to find land to relocate it’s own victims. Our health facilities have been overstretched, forests fellied for firewood and resources cast in helping the refugee base.

The UN has no grounds whatsoever to interfere in the Congo since it’s motives for African countries have always led to further bloodshed, conflict, disintegration of community and under-development.

If the UN did not militarily intervene in Sri-lanka, has not yet intervened in Syria, what then gives it the right to intervene in the Congo? Is it a different type of domestic humanitarian crisis? Is it likely to spark a world war faster than the Iran nuclear projects? Could it be we are a special race whose every insurgency is viewed by UN as a death trap?


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