bottomless pit, i fell

Bottomless Pit…

Your hands were quivering and your voice was thin
So you dropped the shiny golden ball or it would have brought you a win

What a stroke of luck for those who saw
In this learning, no vile experience they bore

And times will come when you will get to see
Great wins in a flash, from their hands they will flee

I don’t say that you wish to make a gain
From the losses that surmount them and their pain

Yes there came a chance and you missed it
But remember that it is not a bottomless pit

The games will always end somewhere nearer than you think
Impassioned voices may throw you off your brink

When you need a lesson all you have to do is seek
You reach within you, coz you know not the bottom and you know not the peak

There are traces of your missing trophy in the ones that you win
You will find it in its lines; you can taste it off its very rim

Don’t search yourself in dismal outcomes, failures: don’t you decry
You know now that you can recover and once again you can try

Learn the lesson before you play and use it well, It needs belief and not wit
You won’t regret a trial then and you’ll believe me when I say that it’s not a bottomless pit.

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