i picked this from kasujja, pretty old but still works eitherway, writings never grow old

Alan Kasujja

It is that time again when we start having the useless discussions on whether Museveni is preparing for his final term as president. Whether- after 24 years as preaident- he has not only overstayed his welcome but is increasingly senile and out of touch. Or whether his stories about the war leading up to his presidency are still vote winners.

I feel sorry of the washed out politicians who have made careers out of shouting themselves hoarse in the hope that he will submit and retire to his multitude of cows. In my view, they are redundant and tactless.  He has not heeded to them and has- more often than not-treated them like court jesters.

My biggest problem with our so called opposition is that they remain stuck in the typewriter age. They have refused to employ methods that will work against the monster Museveni and his government have become.

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