hello office internet i like your stunts.

In the past weeks my work schedule greatly reduced to about 6 hours all thanks to office internet and it’s efficiency in dodgy stunts.

It’s either  a cable eaten up somewhere or a ship bundling up the whole regional cable excuse for every time you hit oblivion. Great thanks to the captains, you make my work easier but well I always get too excited to remember that I miss watching the latest acoustic versions of enya and one direction which contribute great to my playlist.

So I guess we should make a deal, when am blank headed every morning with no story idea to pitch you shall go to the furthest of hidings where not anybody will find you, or perhaps when I mess up a story, just disconnect yourself, I’ll get a better excuse for the editors….deal.

In return, every time you disappear, I’ll not bother fighting back, i’ll just take a cup of cofffee or stare at the dailies…..deal?

Any way of late i noticed our working partnership could yield positive results for both of us, don’t mind though who benefits more.

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