just about today:

Well, about today and why it got a whole blog, is still something I the author still needs to know. Not being sarcastic as such, but after a whole week off  story pitching, beating kampala traffic, ogling at kampala babes, pleasing the newsroom, load-shedding and most importantly hitting city potholes, I must be glad to re-announce my presence certainly not with a blog atleast.

Anyway, never mind, i’ll tell you why, remember when I told you i was a journalist, well i didn’t lose my job since then, and i’d crossed out mass communication from my to-do list right until today my university decided to make my interests known to me, like i’d paid them for it. Extra service there, but my problem is that am not willing to do mass communication lest you want a student lecturer session, something like this

anyway forget that.

some broken hearts never mend, i picked that from my country music favorite don williams, so my love for law will never end though it looks like a no-go area for now. So with all that disappointment, i specifically need to rest but my krazy self has no better idea than this…


Well today is just not the cool day for writing a blog but that doesn’t exclude reading…………..good day folks


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