Hello pre-entry, you were not as hard…….

Well, well, well, uhmmn….proposals first

: pre-entries should have an age limit. (it’s not cool sitting in the same room with grand fathers and see them counting the number of oxygas atoms around them #staring)

: not every fool should take an aptitude test, be serious lecturers, there are those you can tell by their look that they can’t make it #wasting our stationery.

: and then time should be reduced to perhaps 30 minutes. (how do you answer general knowledge questions for 3 hours #not cool)

Today we took an aptitude test, I mean me, myself and I the rest were just watching us do these things

see what am saying!

I guessed that guy was a fisherman that thought we were going for mosquito net donations….#failed capital

Well, just like any other exam, pre-entries didn’t even scare an inch of me, they don’t even raise a strand of my hair only that in this case they  were premiering in this university and I badly want to do my law degree from there. I mean when you ask me about who the president of Malawi is! obvious bingu W’a mutharika……………………….died and Joyce banda took over (some of you were about to complain, i know my politics)

But for starters anyway, a pre-entry exam is a piece of paper with some scribblings on it meant to determine who can be a good lawyer don’t ask me how…..but just know it works.

Well as others were going through and making the final readings, i was busy playing my newest konshens jam “dem a talk bout me” and they were actually abiding to the track, talking about how one lazy boy stands with earphones digging deep in his ears minutes to a life-changing exam. Well the concept is when I was investing time in knowing what you were reading, you were busy snorting, puffing, playing and dating, that’s the difference.

off for lunch we’ll pick from there…….

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