unveiling the leading supplier of insufficient electricity in the universe (UMEME)

After thousands of mentions, Facebook posts, press attention and disguised theft techniques, my legendary state-of-art mini computer (brain) cuddled with the sense atmosphere of the plight of other fellow banana republic inhabitants.

The world’s largest distributor and supplier of insufficient electricity UMEME was back in the spotlight earning more press attention than the deliquent bad-black in a week.  Public utillities draw alot of concern for their failures something mega-dee would love to become. To be the most talked about by every one in the country is a milestone worth achieving only outside UMEME circles and maybe the police.

The whole country has had it’s fair share of darkness for the past days making loadshedding the most vocabulary prone word for the press only that some few people in the country can neither spell  nor mention it. (Ssebagala please don’t try).

Supplying close to three quarters more darkness than light gets me questioning whether the contract these guys signed read darkness not electricity. Our legislators have put doubt in my mind whether sufficient scrutiny was put on these contracts. In common view the latter (signing for darkness) overpowers the debate of load shedding, though most banana citizens do not share my point of opinion. Think about it for once, we might have contracted UMEME to supply us with darkness  and insufficient electricity which they have succeeded in, by all  cognisant modes. They’ve got M.P’s grumbling, the president talking, citizens complaining, cows mooing …….it’s more like animal farm and the beasts of  England

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