now i don’t normally draw a fuss over love issues since my heart is a concentrated one but this time i couldn’t stomach it. Imagine a four district distance from that so called person you call “your love”. In my head it was clear that this distance was alot more evil and ashaming but i still had no idea of how i could stop it.

So I figured out shooting myself such that she’d stay and bury me guess i’d have bought enough time with that but i think you agree with me that that’s the most stupid idea you’ve had in a lifetime.

So she’s on her way to i don’t know where but within me i know that she’s thinking of me. That’s because before she could leave, i did the unthinkable, my heart commited suicide and the love for her died to ressurect when she gets back…………trust me on this one I didn’t see her off so probably she’s wondering what happened to me either way she’s thinking about me


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